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All East Ayrshire pupils entitled to a life changing Brilliant Residential

East Ayrshire Council has announced that all pupils from all backgrounds across their 54 schools will be entitled to a high-quality residential learning experience during their time at school. The announcement comes shortly after the launch of a new #BrilliantResidentials campaign in Scotland, which disseminates the overwhelming evidence gathered from the Learning Away programme about the numerous positive impacts a residential experience can have on pupils, staff and the wider school community. East Ayrshire is the first council in Scotland to make this commitment

The Great Outdoors – Young People, Outdoor Learning and the 2020 Challenge for Scotland’s Biodiversity

Scotland is facing key pressures on its biodiversity. Some of these pressures are physical, such as pollution, the overuse of resources, or climate change. Others are more about the way we (under) value nature and the goods and services it provides in decision making. Modern living means we have less connection with it in our everyday lives and there is growing concern that younger generations are missing out on the experience of nature and the benefits it brings to learning and development.

“More than just a ski trip”: new report and film released

New research into the impact of school field trips on students’ aptitudes for learning, indicates that certain types of ‘character development’ intervention can positively influence the quality of key student-to-teacher and student-to-student relationships. Moreover, the research suggests that the improvement of these relationships provides a more solid foundation for the development of both desirable characteristics and academic progress

‘Taking Learning Outdoors’ – SAPOE and Education Scotland – Free full day CPD on Outdoor Learning

This training, available in three different venues, will give staff the confidence and basic skills to undertake outdoor learning in school/centre grounds and other local areas. Delivered over a day this course includes a mix of theory, practical outdoor sessions and discussion time. Staff will leave with practical ideas and the theory to support further personal development. Please come in suitable outdoor clothing, full waterproofs if raining and a packed lunch. Teas and coffee will be available.