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Alien Detectives

The Scottish Invasive Species Initiative (SISI) have put together an educational resource called ‘Alien Detectives’, so that everyone can learn about invasive non-native (Alien) species.  It is full of exciting, challenging and fun activities for the young – and not so young!

Doughnut Economics Action Lab: A Teacher’s Guide

Doughnut Economics Education: A Teacher’s Guide – An overview of the lessons, activities and teaching tools available on the DEAL Community Platform. This guide contains some resources for secondary schools that might be of interest and other examples are also available

Practice Exemplar: Curriculum Outdoors Attainment Challenge (COACh) – Literacy and Numeracy

This exemplar outlines the intervention of Curriculum Outdoors Attainment Challenge (COACh) in seven East Ayrshire schools working with children, staff and parents to embed Outdoor Learning to raise attainment in literacy and numeracy. This supports whole school communities to engage with children’s learning and have high shared ambition, aspirations and expectations

Significant Aspects of Learning in Climbing and Bouldering

Natalie White, Outdoor Learning Development Officer for Education Scotland has been working with ClimbScotland and the NIBAS and NICAS schemes, to create a resource that supports both instructors and teachers to define common language when using climbing or bouldering walls, and allow pupils to easily identify SALs(Significant Aspects of Learning). Please share this resource with all of the schools you know that have […]