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Wildlife Trackers website

The Wildlife Trackers website provides a game and activities with the following aims:

1) We believe that children have to a large extent lost the connect with nature that they used to have and this game has the aim of improving general basic knowledge of common creatures in the UK through reconnecting kids with nature

2) To use technology to reduce the amount of screen time kids get by encouraging them outdoors

3) To give parents, schools and other organisations an easy to access, free tool that makes it easy and fun for them to support kids in connecting with nature

To find out more and to sign-up visit the Wildlife Trackers website.

BS 8848: 2014

BS 8848:2014 – Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom.

This specification can be purchased in pdf or hardcopy format from the BSI shop.

It may also be possible for Local Authority employees to gain free access to this document via the info4localgov website. Employees would need to obtain a username and password from their Health and Safety department, or ask their Health and Safety department to download the document for them.

IOL: Outdoor First Aid Training Framework

The Institute for Outdoor Learning has consulted with a range of Outdoor First Aid stakeholders to establish the current need and to consider what minimum standards for the content and delivery of Outdoor First Aid training and assessment might look like. It is apparent that many of the currently recognised courses delivered by outdoor practitioners for outdoor practitioners contain appropriate content and do so at a variety of levels. From both an employers and a practitioners point of view there is scope to make things clearer by standardising minimum content for these courses. There is also a definite need to provide more certainty around the way in which course content is delivered to ensure skills are developed and assessed in an appropriate environment, as well as acquisition of knowledge. Finally, there is also a need to build on the HSE’s guidance on minimum trainer competency to ensure Outdoor First Aid trainers understand the needs of outdoor and remote environments and that they access appropriate CPD to maintain the currency of their skills and knowledge.

The Good School Playground Guide

This guide explores the links between school grounds and children’s health, wellbeing and learning and offers practical advice on how to develop school grounds in which children can thrive.