The Adventure Activities Licence Service moves forward!

The Adventure Activities Licence Service moves forward!

July 2015.

The recent announcement by the government that it intends to keep Adventure Activities Licensing in England brings to an end several years of considerable uncertainty. We now feel we can re-group, re-think and look at delivering the day-to-day functions of the current Licensing scheme in a more effective way across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Two of our Senior Inspectors, John Cliffe (who has the responsibility for inspections in Wales) and Bob Telfer (who has the responsibility for inspections in Scotland), stayed with us through that period of uncertainty and we are extremely grateful to them for that. Now, however, both feel it is time to step back, or step down, and allow others to take their places as Senior Inspectors. Each currently heads a team of four free-lance inspectors and each works from a home base.

Some time this year, sooner in the case of Wales and probably later in the case of Scotland, we will be advertising for the respective Senior Inspector posts.

Advertising will likely take place through the usual means. However, in addition to this, if you think you might be interested in either post and don’t want to risk missing the adverts, we would be happy to send you individual notification of the advertisement when it comes out. You are invited, therefore, to send us your contact details together with an indication of which post you would like notification.

The list of potential applicants would, of course, be entirely confidential.

Please send relevant details to:

Sandra Waring at

or contact her by phone on 029 2075 5715

We look forward to hearing from you.


Marcus Bailie
Head of Inspection
The Adventure Activities Licensing Service.