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IOL: Outdoor First Aid Training

Last year’s announcement by the HSE that they intended to withdraw from approving First Aid Training providers focused a few minds on the wider issue of standards in Outdoor First Aid training provision and assessment. The HSE guidance on the content of generic First Aid qualifications lays out the basic requirement for an employer, though has a limited amount to assist outdoor practitioners. Some NGB’s do provide further guidance on the content of first aid training to meet the needs of their own awards, though some leave this to the discretion of the practitioner.

The Institute for Outdoor Learning has consulted with a range of Outdoor First Aid stakeholders to establish the current need and to consider what minimum standards for the content and delivery of Outdoor First Aid training and assessment might look like.

Read the full article on the Institute for Outdoor Learning website.

View the Outdoor First Aid Training Framework on the Institute for Outdoor Learning website.

Further details of the consultation and this framework is published in Horizons 63 (Autumn 2013).

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