MBL Level 2 course: Aberdeen from 20 – 21st June 2015

Dear biking enthusiast,  MBL level 2 course places available in Aberdeen 20 – 21st June 2015

Aberdeen City and Shire have been in the process of organising a joint Secondary Outdoor Learning Festival for the 20- 21st June. The festival comprised of three main elements, curricular workshops, a busy market place and some award bearing courses.  The workshops and market place of the festival have been postponed.

The award bearing courses are going to happen as advertised. A level 2 MBL is still going to run and there are quite a lot of places available.

Please can you forward this on to anybody who might wish to go on the course or forward it to other cycling networks.

The closing date for applications is Monday 15 June 4.00 pm.  NOTE: all candidate need to pre-register and join British Cycling

For the training element of the award for leading none technical off road biking (previously TCL)

The Level 2 Award will qualify you to lead in non‐adventurous terrain in strictly summer and intermediate seasonal conditions (AALA) and in terrain of low to moderate technical difficulty (as a general guide this is comparable to red graded purpose built trails). There is no height remit for the award; however you must ensure you are always no more than 30 minutes’ walk from where an ambulance can get to.

Training takes place over 2 days with the majority of the course being practical on local trails with a one day assessment after a consolidation period of at least 6 weeks.  The training ratio is 1:6.

This exciting course will cover pre ride preparation, route planning, navigation, leadership skills, basic bike skills and techniques and simple trailside repairs.

After training and prior to assessment you are covered by British Cycling to assist on rides providing you hold a current Outdoor First Aid Certificate.  You will have to hold this certificate in order to attend the assessment day.

Prior to attending the training course participants must pre-register with British Cycling Leadership Programme.  This will cost £99.

You will receive a log book which must be completed and produced either prior to or on the first day of training.  This will contain details of a minimum of 15 mountain bike rides in a variety of terrain and weather conditions of which a minimum of 11 rides should be 2-3 hour duration and 4 rides of at least 4 hour duration which you have undertaken in the last 18 months.

Course cost £120.00 to be invoiced after the course

Any queries on meeting the requirements to register for these courses please contact Adventure Aberdeen on 01224 270990 Sally, Ailsa or Jonathan