Scottish Government response to the Learning for Sustainability Report

Scottish Ministers have welcomed Learning for Sustainability – the report of the One Planet Schools Working Group – and accept all 31 recommendations, almost all in full.

Learning for sustainability is consistent with the new GTCS professional standards and highlights the value of a holistic approach to sustainable development, global citizenship and outdoor learning. This needs leadership at all levels to remove barriers and enable a coherent whole school approach that encompasses the curriculum, campus, culture and community of the school.

A Learning for Sustainability Implementation Group will be established in collaboration with the new Regional Centre for Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development and a range of partners to drive forward the recommendations on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Report Recommendations for outdoor learning:

1. All learners should have an entitlement to learning for sustainability
– 1.1 As part of this entitlement, outdoor learning should be a regular, progressive curriculum-led experience for all learners.

2. All school buildings, grounds and policies should support learning for sustainability
– 2.2 Every learner should have the opportunity for contact with nature in their school grounds on a daily basis and throughout the seasons through the provision of thoughtfully developed green space for outdoor learning and play


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