The Consultation for Scotland’s Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations December 2014

The Scottish Government consultation on Adventure Activities Licensing in 2012 found that there was a case for retaining licensing in Scotland.  Further to that Scottish Government decided to commission the Scottish Adventure Activities Forum (SAAF) in 2014 to determine exactly what shape this should take to suit the Scottish context.  SAAF and Scottish Government have decided on a clear plan of actions to ensure that all stakeholders have an input into the outcome.

Firstly, an online survey will be available from 10th December 2014 until 9th January 2015.  The survey can be accessed at SAAF Adventure Activities Licensing survey 2014 

Secondly, a key part of this process are a series of consultation events which will allow comment and discussion.  These will take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Dumfries over the period  8 – 10 December 2014.  Anyone wishing to attend any of these events should reserve a place using the Doodle Poll links below:

Monday 8th December                     Glasgow

Tuesday 9th December                    Edinburgh

Wednesday 10th December           Dumfries

Wednesday 10th December           Inverness

A Briefing Paper is also available at SAAF Adventures Activities Consultation Briefing Paper

SAAF are very keen to hear the views of all interested parties please feel free to share this information with others who may have an interest in the future of Licensing in Scotland.

For more information please contact SAAF at the following:

Telephone 0131 625 4410

Email saaf@glenmorelodge.org.uk