The Expedition – NOW available to download

Rachel Hay (Education Officer – Royal Scottish Geographical Society) and Dave Girling (Outdoor Education Officer – Perth and Kinross Council) have created a FREE downloadable resource, to prompt discussion about character development , leadership, and team roles. The resource links to several curricular areas, including Geography, English, Maths, Biology through Outdoor Learning.

The Expedition is a role play game tracing the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The game links into the SQA, SCQF and Curriculum for Excellence at level 3 & 4.

What drives us to seek out the unknown? 

Why do we explore?

What skills and qualities make a good leader?

Why do we seek shared team experiences?

The Expedition uses a narrative to help learners explore the skills and qualities that make a good team player, and an effective leader. The resource also seeks to broaden students’ horizons regarding adventure and exploration, and make links between different subject areas.

This resource has been designed for Curriculum for Excellence level three and four students and SQA Leadership and Personal Development awards.

The resource can be used within a single subject or as an interdisciplinary learning opportunity between: Geography, History, Biology, English, Technology, ideally through Outdoor Learning ventures

The Expedition as mentioned follows the story of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1916 led by Sir Ernest Shackleton. However, the resource does not reference names, specific locations or the year. Hence, The Expedition is in the hands of the participants and their imaginations and only once they complete the journey will they discover that they have re-enacted a true story.

The Expedition is a role play activity. Eight budding actors are required to play eight characters. The actors are given a short biography, followed by a numerical sequence of action cards to read in turn with the full cast until the story is complete. The game can last from as little as one hour, just reading the cards through, to potentially filling a-40 hour unit taking in all the activity options.

We hope you and your students enjoy this resource and it lights or rekindles a yearning for exploration and adventure within everyone!

To view and download the FREE resource please see:
– Resources page of the SAPOE website: https://sapoe.org.uk/events/resources/the-expedition-now-available-to-download-2
– Perth and Kinross Outdoor Learning page: www.pkc.gov.uk/outdooreducation
– Exciting Learning section of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s website: www.rsgs.org

Yours in adventure
Dave Girling – Outdoor Education Officer – Perth and Kinross Council
Rachel Hay – Education Officer – Royal Scottish Geographical Society