Update from Snowsport Scotland – Use of ASL in France

Dear Leadership Award Holder,

I hope the winter season is going well with plenty of opportunities to enjoy some sliding. The Scottish resorts have been inundated with new snow in the last month with a number of the upper tows and buildings buried. Conditions are fantastic just now and should hopefully last well in to the spring.

Following up on the changing landscape in France last year, Snowsport Scotland were asked to further clarify the position of the Leadership awards there for teachers and volunteers organising school or similar trips. It required further research and engagement with the French Juenesse de Sport, and thereĀ is an update on the informationĀ to the situation in France.

The BASI L4 ISTD requirement is still in place for commercial activities or professional instructors. This has been in place for many years and has had not changed. Anyone who is paid to deliver activities in France is considered a professional and is subject to this regulation.

For teachers and volunteer leaders of groups who travel to resort with their group then there is provision to use the Leadership awards in France. Teachers need to be registered with the GTC / GTCS and travel to resort and back with their students. Unpaid volunteers assisting with the trip or organising it for their own group (scouts, church etc) are also able to lead their group. However in France the definition of a volunteer differs slightly from that in the UK and receives no direct benefit for delivering activities. Travel, accommodation and lift pass expenses may be classed as income and therefore may come under the regulations of a professional instructor.

Whilst we endeavour to provide correct information it is not possible to guarantee the correct application of the information at a local level. It is advisable to contact your tour operator to check with them what provision have been made with the local snowsports school, police and town officials regarding your proposed activities. For those who are not using a tour operator, then it will be necessary to contact the local snowsports school directly to inform them of your intentions. They may ask for further information regarding your group and qualifications held.

If you have any specific questions regarding the use of your qualification then please get in touch with the Snowsport Scotland office.

If you need any more information on this topic, please do let me know.

Kind regards,

Jane Campbell Morrison | Chief Executive Officer | Snowsport Scotland