IOL: Outdoor First Aid Training Framework

The Institute for Outdoor Learning has consulted with a range of Outdoor First Aid stakeholders to establish the current need and to consider what minimum standards for the content and delivery of Outdoor First Aid training and assessment might look like.  It is apparent that many of the currently recognised courses delivered by outdoor practitioners for outdoor practitioners contain appropriate content and do so at a variety of levels.  From both an employers and a practitioners point of view there is scope to make things clearer by standardising minimum content for these courses.  There is also a definite need to provide more certainty around the way in which course content is delivered to ensure skills are developed and assessed in an appropriate environment, as well as acquisition of knowledge.  Finally, there is also a need to build on the HSE’s guidance on minimum trainer competency to ensure Outdoor First Aid trainers understand the needs of outdoor and remote environments and that they access appropriate CPD to maintain the currency of their skills and knowledge.

The Institute’s initial consultations have led to a proposed framework, a copy of which is attached and the working group behind this is now seeking wider feedback.  The framework is designed to support maintenance and development of standards in Outdoor First Aid provision and to provide reassurance to employers looking to fulfil their due diligence obligations.  The Institute proposes to establish a group to regularly review the content of this framework.

View the current version of the framework on the IOL website.