Significant Aspects of Learning in Climbing and Bouldering

Natalie White, Outdoor Learning Development Officer for Education Scotland has been working with ClimbScotland and the NIBAS and NICAS schemes, to create a resource that supports both instructors and teachers to define common language when using climbing or bouldering walls, and allow pupils to easily identify SALs(Significant Aspects of Learning).

Please share this resource with all of the schools you know that have a climbing or bouldering facility and also with schools that may use this as part of a residential experience.

The resource will be distributed to all the climbing centres by ClimbScotland, as Education Scotland are trying to highlight clear pathways for pupils who enjoy the experience they have in schools to continue this at local clubs and centres.

NIBAS and NICAS schemes are a nationally recognised wider achievement and pupils should be encouraged to update the personal profiles to acknowledge this success.