Teaching Learning Outdoors: Lesson Plans

Lesson plans that have been submitted by teachers who have completed the ‘Teaching Learning Outdoors’ e-learning module can be found below:

Expressive arts

Music S3 CfE L4 N5 EW

Art Level First CA

Expressive Arts Level Second MH

Art Level Second LG

Art Level First HW

Expressive Arts First Level DA

Health and wellbeing

HWB First AF

Home Economics BGE Level 2 EC

HWB Any level ZB

HWB Level 1 NR

HWB Level 1 and 2 RL

HWB Level First CA


Literacy – Refugee Story Second DS

Literacy Level 2 KN

Literacy First Level MW

Literacy Early Level LM

English Level S3 ML

Literacy Early First Level BG

Literacy Early First Level GW

Literacy First Level DN

Literacy Level Second P7 JB

Literacy Level Second RA

Spanish Level S1 AGV

Literacy Early P1 LB

Literacy First Level RJ

Literacy Level Early First LL


Maths Early/First – AG

Numeracy and Mathematics First RM

Numercy and Weight National 1 DK

Numeracy Level 2 SW

Numeracy First Level CM

Numeracy Level Second RI

Numeracy First Level KC

Maths First Level RL

Numeracy First Level KC_2

Numeracy First Level CM_2

Numeracy and Science Level 1 RH

Numeracy Early Level KA

Numeracy Second Level LG

Numeracy Level 1 SA

Numeracy Place Value Level First engaging LC

Numeracy Level 2 LG

Numeracy Level Second RMcG

Numeracy Measurement and Fraction Level Second RM

Numeracy Level First KM

Data Handling 1st Level KS

Numeracy and Mathematics Level Early FW

Maths Early First NC

Maths and Technologies First Level SS

Maths and Numeracy Early Level CM

Maths and Numeracy Cloud Obs 2nd Level CM

Numeracy and Fractions First Level TR

Numeracy Level P4 to P7 LM

Numeracy and Symmetry Level First GM

Numeracy Level Pre-Early/Early_MM

Numeracy – Data Handling First Level – RS

Religious and moral education


Science Level 2 MS

Science Second Level MG

Numeracy and Science Level 1 RH

Science Level 3 and 4 CL

Science First SW

Science Level 3 NC

Social studies

Social Studies Rainforest Second COH

Geography Level S1 DM

Natural Regions – Tundra Level BGE S3 GT

Geography Level 3 BR


Maths and Technologies First Level SS

CDT Level 2 KA