Teaching Learning Outdoors: Lesson Plans

Lesson plans that have been submitted by teachers who have completed the ‘Teaching Learning Outdoors’ e-learning module can be found below:

Expressive arts

Music S3 CfE L4 N5 EW

Art Level First CA

Health and wellbeing

HWB First AF

Home Economics BGE Level 2 EC

HWB Any level ZB

HWB Level 1 NR

HWB Level 1 and 2 RL

HWB Level First CA


Literacy – Refugee Story Second DS

Literacy Level 2 KN

Literacy First Level MW


Maths Early/First – AG

Numeracy and Mathematics First RM

Numercy and Weight National 1 DK

Numeracy Level 2 SW

Numeracy First Level CM

Numeracy Level Second RI

Religious and moral education


Science Level 2 MS

Social studies

Social Studies Rainforest Second COH

Geography Level S1 DM