DofE – Practical Expedition Skills module

E-mail 1: 13th November 2015

Dear Willie,

I just wanted to write to you in your role as Chair of SAPOE to give you an update on a new training course the DofE UK will be piloting over the next 6 months.  I’m aware Kevin may have mentioned this to you regarding specific developments in East Ayrshire.

The new module will be called the Practical Expedition Skills Module (PESM).  This is a practical/competence based expedition training programme.  Its aim is to equip expedition leaders and support staff with the basic expedition skills needed to lead DofE expeditions on foot in normal rural, open countryside and forest.   This is broadly an outdoor-based learning programme for those with little or no previous expedition experience but who may wish to support expedition delivery in the future.  This module will include core competence and hard skills-based learning related to: map reading & navigation, cooking and campcraft, environmental impact, weather, related expedition equipment (inc. Packing and carrying a rucksack).  I’ve attached some of the learning outcomes for information.

The course is 3 days (one theory, two outdoor) and would be certificated by the DofE but this is not an assessed course.  It will also provide a learning environment to explore with delegates their responsibilities to DofE and their organisation’s outdoor policy and procedures including incident reporting, health, risk management, safeguarding and insurance.

This course is not intended to replace any of the existing UK or NGB awards but act as another pathway for volunteers to start their leadership journey in the outdoors.  We are keen to engage with SAPOE members to make them aware of this development to see whether this course would be suitable for staff and volunteers leading groups in the outdoors.  With the growing interest in using senior pupils as assistant leaders we feel this course would also support their development.

Happy to discuss further with you and provide more information if required.

Many thanks

E-mail 2: 19th November 2015

Hi Willie

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve attached the flyer which give a bit more information and have requested the full learning outcomes in addition to hard skills.

This course has been developed by colleagues in the North of England and London but would be UK wide course. Initially in the pilot phase this is a course that the DofE would run but following this we would look expand the tutor team and enable licensed organisations to deliver the programme.  Currently suggesting that the course should be delivered by a ML.

Many thanks


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