Draft of the National Water Safety Forum public advice for open water swimming

From David Walker ROSPA

Please find attached an early draft of the National Water Safety Forum public advice for open water swimming. This has been developed by members of the water sports and inland advisory groups. It is intended to cover key points for members of the public, who wish to swim in open water. The base information (10 points) will be used as a framework by members in response to queries. The final version will sit on the NWSF website, with links to further information and advice.

In drafting this, we sought to avoid providing too much information, and consequently obscuring critical messages, for example we have not mentioned covering cuts etcetera – but do mention avoiding polluted waters. There are a number of specific elements we would like your view on:
– Have we missed any critical safety points?
– Is the length and tone correct?
– Have we used too much by way of technical language?
– Is it easy to read?
– What extra background or wider information should we cite and point to?

We would like your views on the above and other points you wish to raise, ideally by Friday 26th July. You can respond by email to djwalker@rospa.com including if your response is on behalf of a group or organisation, or as an individual.

Please do bear in mind that this is a draft and we will carefully consider your views before a final version is issued.


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