National Trust Outdoor Activity License – piloting change

The National Trust has very recently released a proposal to change its approach to providers of outdoor activities on its land. The Trust will run a pilot for a new outdoor activity licensing process over the next 6 months across 21 sites in England and intend “to learn from this, review and plan a national roll-out for all outdoor events and activities from July onwards”.

With the new scheme the Trust is seeking to :

  • Minimise damage to NT places from increased access
  • Prevent clashes of events on the same site
  • Control the impact on local communities
  • Check insurance cover and risk assessments/mitigation
  • Create a link to the NT cause with event/activity participants
  • Raise donations to support conservation

The Trust is actively seeking consultation over the pilot so please ensure that you engage with this consultation if you have any concerns or suggestions for incorporation in the final approach. The IOL, AHOEC and other bodies are in dialogue with the Trust and will seek a sustainable approach for providers.

It is understood that different approaches may be adopted in the different pilot regions. Further clarification is being sort and answers will be disseminated.