Real World Learning: Minutes from 7th February 2017


Wee update from the Real World Learning meeting last week (below and attached).  Current theme and focus is firmly on Learning for Sustainability, and there is a feeling to try to link and embed this with the Scot.Gov. focus on raising attainment – given this is where their energy and money is mainly going at the moment!

Rob Bushby is interim chair of RWL until new chair is “elected” – they don’t have a constitution or anything like that, so it’s a bit freeform…

Worth noting that they too are looking to send a formal letter to John Swinney to ask him to clarify/support whether latest recommendations will become policy in relation to LfS – the ones that were previously made policy are “out of date” but the 3x politicians who previously supported them are now in different roles so the high level support is lacking – Rob is going to pursue this further.  Also worth noting because it’s another organisation/group putting pressure on high level Gov leadership to help embed Outdoor Learning (in its widest sense) within the wider education field.



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