SAAWG: Adventure Activities Position Paper – December 2013

The Scottish Adventure Activities Working Group (SAAWG) has released a position paper on Adventure Activities in Scotland. The paper has been written by the Sport and Physical Activity policy team and can be downloaded as a Word document using the link below.

The following comments by Derek Grieve, Head of Sport Policy, The Scottish Government were sent to Nigel Marshall by e-mail on 20th December:

“I appreciate you passing this (position paper) on to your colleagues. The background to this was my attendance at the SAAF meeting (albeit I dialled in) and was a little surprised at the lack of knowledge of the work of the group and some of the questions being posed by those attending. I apologise I haven’t made an explicit reference within the paper to our discussion, but that certainly is featuring within my longer term view of how any legislation may developed once competency has been transferred.”


Download attachments: