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Use this page to search for webinars on ‘An Introduction to Taking Learning Outdoors’, links to the modules on ‘Teaching Learning Outdoors’ and ‘Supporting Learning Outdoors’, and courses on ‘Lead Teacher in Learning Outdoors’ , ‘Outdoor Learning Cards’ and ‘Environmental Learning Cards’.

An Introduction to Teaching Learning Outdoors (45 minute webinar)

This webinar aims to build on teachers existing good practice and pedagogy to take learning outdoors.  It includes practical advice and links to resources on effectively using the outdoor spaces.

A SAPOE Local Authority rep or a SCIS rep can run this webinar after attending / watching one being delivered by the training team.

Please contact the SAPOE rep for your local authority for more information about An Introduction to Teaching Learning Outdoors webinars being run for your local authority.

Additional webinars

Some local authorities are running additional webinars on a range of topics and details can be found on the following pages:
East Ayrshire

Teaching Learning Outdoors (2 hour on-line module)

On this course you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the context for Outdoor Learning
  • Consider how to take an Outdoor Learning approach in your professional practice
  • Reflect upon the impact of Outdoor Learning on your learners and your own leadership skills

This course will give you both an understanding about teaching outdoors and also practical tips and support for delivering outdoor learning.

The module is available on the Education Scotland PLL course site. You need to register to access the site, this can be from a local authority email or glow email: https://professionallearning.education.gov.scot/learn/learning-activities/teaching-learning-outdoors/step-1

Supporting Learning Outdoors (2 hour on-line module)

This course will help non-teaching staff with established outdoor expertise to:

  • Gain understanding of Curriculum for Excellence and the framework for delivering this to pupils; and
  • Understand key messages on embedding and enhancing taught curriculum content into the real world context.

You can access this module by clicking here

Lead teacher in Learning Outdoors (6 hour face-to-face course)

Staff, with little or no experience of taking groups of children and young people to learn outdoors, are encouraged to take an introductory training course aimed at the age group with whom you work.

All local authorities offer this training at Early YearsPrimary and Secondary level. Training will give staff the confidence and basic skills to undertake outdoor learning in school/centre grounds and other local areas.

Training is 6 hours, delivered in one day or in shorter sessions, and includes a mix of theory, practical and discussion.

Outdoor Learning Cards

Courtesy of OEAP

Outdoor Learning Cards activities contribute directly to a wide range of educational and development aims for children and young people [optimally in the P6 to S2 age range] and cover four elements of Outdoor Learning that can be delivered in school/centre grounds and the local environment:

  • Orienteering: developing good map reading skills
  • Team Building and Problem Solving: how to challenge your children/young people
  • Bouldering: use of low level climbing walls
  • Journeying: local visits organised by children/young people

The Cards are supported by a Handbook and CD which are given to staff to keep during the training. Training is 6 hours and may be delivered in one or more sessions.

Environmental Learning Cards

The Environmental Learning Cards have been developed to provide ideas for teachers and instructors wishing to use the environment in an outdoor learning context. The cards are printed in full colour and laminated for use outdoors. The pack contains 25 cards plus a full colour handbook with guidance on use.

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