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Westminster debate on Outdoor Sport and Recreation


See attached account, and link below, to the Westminster debate on Outdoor Sport and Recreation secured by Simon Hart MP:

A pdf copy of the debate is also available to download below the text of this news post.

Possibly because it was a debate only (no vote) the exchange of views seemed particular open, positive and consensual. There was discussion about an All Party Strategy, based at least in part, around the six point plan launched recently (I believe) at an All Party Parliamentary Group for Mountaineering, but widely applicable across those with an interest in Outdoor Sport and Recreation.

In reading the account from Hansard, which I recommend, you may want to look to see if your MP spoke in support.  (No-one present seemed to speak against.)  If so you may want to email them your thanks.  Alternatively, or additionally, you may want to note that your MPs is amongst the list of Outdoor Friendly politicians, and email them as and when a particular issue arises, either locally or national.

Emailing you MP is, these days, simplicity itself.  Just Google Write To Them (or go to https://www.writetothem.com/ or a number of similar web-sites) and enter your post code to be told your MP, MEP, local councilor, and SMP (Scotland), MLA (NI), or AM (Wales) as appropriate.  Not only that but some of these sites will subsequently ask you if you got a reply and if not they take steps to find out why!

Mind you, these days you can pretty much expect a reply!

Marcus Bailie
Head of Inspection
Adventure Activities Licensing Service


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