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This course is for anyone who has a role in supporting the delivery of curricular based outdoor learning. The course is aimed at instructors, third sector and private organisations, classroom assistants, volunteers, or indeed anyone who wants to work in partnerships with schools to deliver meaningful outdoor learning experiences.   The course will help participants to gain an understanding of the Curriculum for Excellence, and the framework for delivering this to pupils, as well as providing resources and ideas to assist good partnership working.

Funded by Scottish Government, and developed by the SAPOE training team, the course is being endorsed by the following organisations:

Content supported by AHOEC
Content supported by AHOEC

The SAPOE training team that developed this course have over 130 years experience in outdoor learning between them. Their professional, academic skills and knowledge as practitioners, teachers, instructors and local authority managers enables them to bring a diverse range of perspectives to this course.

Learning Outcomes

You will:

  • Develop an understanding of what Outdoor Learning is and why it is an important aspect of Curriculum for Excellence
  • Reflect upon the impact of Outdoor Learning on learners and your role in that process
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of good partnership working
  • Consider how to best support Outdoor Learning in your current role

Learning Steps

  1. Introduction
  2. What does Outdoor Learning mean to you?
  3. Why is Outdoor Learning Important?
  4. Understanding the Curriculum
  5. Partnership Working
  6. Supporting Safe Learning Experiences Outdoors
  7. Impact